Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I think there is hope

I am a pretty optimistic person. I tend to see the good in things, make lemonade out of lemons, find the silver lining in the cloud, think the glass is half full - you get the picture. But even I have struggled this year with the natural disasters, the wars, the economic downturn. It is hard to keep that hope alive when at times in 2011 it felt like the world was starting to crumble from beneath our feet. At times there were a lot of clouds to search through to catch a glimpse of that silver.

But I remain hopeful. Hopeful that we will come together, to be a planet committed to peace, tolerance, acceptance. I got this video from my cousin the other day, and it fans the flame of that hope. When you watch this I'll bet you'll feel that hope too. If our world can come together in the face of a devastating earth quake and tsunami, don't you think we could work as one more of the time? Yes indeed, I think there is hope.

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